Agathopia Island

Atomised Oromucosal Tincture

Many people who may find benefit by using cannabis for therapeutic purposes have never used it and do not wish to smoke it due to the health hazards or other personal reasons. This puts people in somewhat of a bind when you consider that smoking cannabis delivers the active cannabinoids within seconds. The combusted active constituents are absorbed in the lungs and go directly into general circulation. A very similar effect can be achieved with a vaporiser, which is safer than smoking vegetable matter. Rather than inhaling the smoke from the burning of vegetable matter, the cannabis material is heated to a sufficient temperature that allows the cannabinoids ( which are located on the outside of the plant ) to vaporise and be inhaled, leaving the vegetable matter intact. Since the effects of inhaled combusted or vaporised cannabinoids are so quick, it is easy for patients to titrate their dose by simply waiting a minute or two in between puffs. When eating cannabis, such as in cookies or dosing with tincture drops, cannabinoids are absorbed in a very different method from smoking or vaporised inhalation. Consumed cannabis derived products pass through the gastro intestinal tract (GI) which gradually absorbs cannabinoids over the course of hours. Up to 90% of consumed cannabinoids will be excreted. The remaining therapeutic agents are processed by the liver which then converts small amounts of cannabinoids into other bioavailable agents which are four to ten times more active. Orally delivered cannabis can sometimes present a problem in achieving the required or desired dose level. Agathopian Oil tincture is an alcohol based suspension of active cannabinoids removed from plant material. Agathopian oil is designed to address the problems of rapid delivery and consistent dosing. Tinctures are best delivered in an atomised spray for absorption via the buccal glands located inside the cheeks. Absorption by the arterial blood supply in the mouth is completed in seconds. If swallowed, absorptions will be via the GI tract.


People who have never used, or have not used cannabis in many years may receive benefit from 1 to 2 sprays. Other people may need 3 to 4 sprays depending upon the person’s own unique requirements among other factors. It is recommended people commence by using very little, and waiting up to 24 hours before using again. If noticeable results were not achieved previously, a slightly higher dose may then be tried. This method can be repeated till a required effect is identified.

General rules:

Make sure the spray nozzle is completely in the mouth to avoid out spray or contact with eyes. Trial and error is usually required to achieve the appropriate dose level. Both heat and light can adversely affect cannabinoids and should be avoided or minimised. Store refrigerated.