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Medicinal Cannabis History

For over 5000 years cannabis has been used as a medicine by most cultures on earth. Cannabis and its concentrate hashish are noted in text of the oldest recorded medical practices.

Cannabis was distributed worldwide, in the 1800’s cannabis extracts were ingredients in almost half of all medicinal products sold and were prescribed for more than 100 illnesses in the pharmacopeia.

In Australia cannabis tinctures were available on the chemist shelf until the 1970’s.

During the 1930’s a United Nations Drug Treaty was established to oversee and control the distribution of pharmaceutical drugs. The Treaty allows for the use of opium, coca and cannabis, but only when sourced lawfully. To date, no country has been sufficiently able to access a lawful source of cannabis to conduct scientific research or allow its use for medical purposes. In Australia, cannabis is scheduled as a poison and prohibited from any scientific or medical research.

Due to this prohibition, cannabis is expensive; available only through illegal sources and puts this much needed medicine out of the reach of very ill people while placing others in the hands of the black market.